Pioneers in the World of Weather and Climatology

Inventors and Innovators

Sometimes fickle and often devastating in its most extreme forms, the weather can seem inscrutable. Yet our understanding of weather systems and climate has improved greatly over the years due to the work of scientists dedicated to studying the planet's meteorological conditions. This absorbing volume introduces readers to individuals who have stood at the forefront of deciphering weather-related phenomena and advanced the science of climatology.

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Series Review:
Inventors and Innovators
well-designed books present information in a succinct and uniform manner. Each
chapter presents a two- to four-page biography and usually includes an
accompanying portrait with a caption, in chronological order by year of the
featured individuals' births. An introduction and conclusion offer more insights
into each book's focus and will assist youngsters with making connections among
-- Caroline
Geck, SLJ

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