Core Concepts: Periodic Table Database

Designed for students in Grades 6-12, Core Concepts: Periodic Table makes complex scientific concepts easy to understand and highly engaging. Its intuitive, interactive interface encourages hands-on exploration to develop a deep understanding of the 118 elements that make up our world. This resource supports STEM learning and immerses learners in the building blocks of each element, their discoveries and uses throughout history, and much more.
? Interactive periodic table and engaging interface invite hands-on learning
? Interactive "Element Builder" activities reinforce skills and core ideas, allowing students to explore atomic theory and master the science behind the periodic table
? Articles enhanced with unique student-created video from the world-renowned Chemical Heritage Foundation, professional footage, extensive images, diagrams, and data tables to provide an understanding of the elements, from the atomic level to the cosmic
? Content suited for independent exploration and study as well as classroom instruction
? Correlated to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core standards as well as national, state, and provincial science standards
? Instant translation offers articles in over 50 languages
? Text-to-speech and text highlighting to support challenged readers and ELLs
? Social bookmarking allows users share content
? Lesson plans and instructional materials provide roadmaps for exploring the science behind the elements
? iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android compatibility COMING

* Reviews *

Core Concepts: Periodic Table
"This website provides an easy-to-use
interactive way to study the periodic table and related information about
chemistry. The text is written on a level to allow lower level readers to
understand the material. The home page includes a periodic table that displays
basic information when the mouse hovers on that element. There are links to
other pages including and Element Builder that works like a simple game and
becomes more complex and challenging as students work across the periodic table.
Another section includes flashcards for studying basic terminology. There are
articles with proper citation about the groups of the periodic table. There is a
section for educators that includes links and contact information for resources
and lessons. The depth of topics would be appropriate for middle or basic high
school science classes. This is a good website for students to learn and
reinforce basic information on the periodic table."

-Kyle M Johnson, Library Media

Core Concepts: Periodic

"The ever-increasing emphasis on teaching students more about science,
technology, engineering, and math makes new tools that aid in both instruction
and learning more than welcome. Rosen's Core Concepts: Periodic Table database
is one such tool, aimed at students and teachers at the middle- and high-school
levels. This comprehensive database features an interactive approach and easy
access to articles replete with images, diagrams, and tables. The involving and
attractive home page offers multiple entry points and allows for a range of
student experience and prior knowledge. ... This is an excellent tool for
secondary students, and with careful selection, it could be used as introductory
material for fourth through sixth grades. Core Concepts: Periodic Table is
recommended as a sound instructional choice for middle- and high-school
chemistry programs."-- Ann Welton, Booklist

Core Concepts: Periodic
"Are you looking for a website
that is a really great tool for finding information about the various elements
of the periodic table of elements? I would use this website for two main
purposes: research on the elements and element families, as well as an
interactive review of atomic structure. It is a one-stop shop for properties,
uses and history of the periodic table of elements. The interface is very easy
to use and clear to distinguish one topic from
-- Charma Glitzke, The National
Science Teachers Association

CC: Periodic Table
has made a great comeback for teaching software with their Digital Resources
& Common Core Support for 21st Century Learners. This suite offers Life
Skills Tools including Teen Health; Digital and Financial Literacy; Power
Knowledge Science Suite; Interactive E-Books; Character Strength; and Ancient
Civilizations. The final product--Core Concepts Periodic Table--is useful for both
students and teachers because it conveys chemistry information with
interactivity and multimedia that students can comprehend and enjoy. ... Carol Noffsinger, chemistry instructor
at Upper Valley Career Center, offered some thoughts about the product for the
purposes of this review. She said that 60 percent of the chemistry she teaches
is dependent on the periodic table, adding that "to be able to give students a
tool such as CCPT, which is a consistent model, available at school or at home,
for them to be able to see it and point to it and interact with it--that
consistency is invaluable." ... Indeed, CCPT turns chemistry, which can be
inaccessible for the novice, into something interesting and interactive. I ended
up with lots of questions and wanted to start mixing elements from different
parts of the table. I also was led to watch mor
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Reading Level: 6-12+

Interest Level: 6-12+

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